11Feb 2017
riskmethods and Loyalty Prime amongst 20 most magnificent startups in Munich

Congratulations to Loyalty Prime (Christoph & Kunal) and Riskmethods (Heiko & Rolf), two portfolio companies in my B2B SaaS portfolio. I am glad to see those two companies being among John Kennedy’s list of 20 magnificent start-ups with momentum in Munich. Gaining momentum in the mid to large size enterprise market segment (e.g. Fortune 1000)  […]

10Feb 2017
Growth Capital

  Ed Molyneux story about his company FreeAgent (FREE), now public on London Stock Exchange, might be of interest for a number of founders and CEOs of SaaS companies, B2B SaaS in particular. In his yesterday’s interview, Lessons from a young Scottish company that listed on the stock exchange, Ed shares his experience of listing […]

04Nov 2016

To the founders and CEOs of my portfolio companies Lots of the post below we have already discussed in many conversations over the past months, but I find Brock’s post particularly valuable because it provides a very complete picture about the things you can do to avoid a Series A crunch and succeed in your […]

22Aug 2016

Laura Tyson, August 22, 2016 08:51 AM The fastest growing SaaS startups have one thing in common: they’re tracking the SaaS metrics that matter most. We asked several different venture capitalists and angel investors focused on SaaS the million dollar question: what are the most important SaaS metrics for startups that are scaling? Their responses […]