Alexander Bruehl is a true "Business Angel" who actively engages with the management team. Alexander is extremely supportive in many ways. I'm relying on his deep expertise in fundraising activities, his background re Do's and Don't s for setting up and running Start-Up companies, specifically in the SaaS space, and his widespread network. Alexander facilitated the link to one of our major investor's, and will continue to be our trusted advisor. As a Start-Up Company CEO, you want a guy like Alexander Bruehl to be in your boat. (Munich, Germany, Feb 2013)

Rolf Zimmer - Founder, CEO at riskmethods

Alexander Bruehl is an absolutely reliable and professional partner, who uses his deep experience to help avoiding mistakes and finding suitable solutions, without limiting ones freedom of decision and without loosing humanity. This makes the cooperation with Alexander particularly pleasant. I can only recommend Alexander Bruehl by all accounts. Dieter Steiner, Geschaeftsfuehrer CEO at SSP Europe. (translation by third party) Alexander Bruehl ist ein absolut verlässlicher und professioneller Partner, der mit seinem fundierten Erfahrungsschatz viele Fehler vermeiden und passende Wege finden lässt ohne dabei die Entscheidungsfreiheit einzuschränken und die Menschlichkeit zu verlieren, was die Zusammenarbeit umso angenehmer macht. Ich kann Alexander Bruehl in jeder Hinsicht weiterempfehlen. (Munich, Germany, Jan 2013)

Dr. Dieter Steiner - Founder, CEO at SSP Europe

I have found Alexander Bruehl to be a whole-hearted and committed investor who will support a company even in a critical situation. Beyond Alexander's exceptional professional skills and his impressive network, he offers added value through his profound experience. Apart from these assets, Alexander is just a pleasant person to work with. It’s a privilege to be dealing with Alexander Bruehl! (Munich, Germany, Jan 2013)

Volker Rofalski - Member of the Investment Management Team at Mountain Partners

I know Alexander Bruehl for more than 10 years. I had the pleasure to work with him in his role as VC co-investor, investor and board member of my own company Nanda Technologies, and in recent years as active business angel. During this time, we had some great successes together as well as difficult investments. However, Alexander always acted very professional and in a very supportive manner. This way I built up strong trust in him as a person as well as in his capabilities as an investor and business developer. I like his energetic style and his ability to focus on the important topics. In addition, his direct but friendly communication style is just fun to work with! (Munich, Germany, Dec 2016)

Johannes von Borries - Managing Partner at Unternehmertum VC Partners

Alexander Bruehl and myself ended up investing in the same StartUp and we met frequently during the board meetings and got to know each other. I was deeply impressed by the "Hands On" Approach from Alexander Bruehl. He is not your typical Investor only checking back once in a while to look for the financial return, he rather wants to "BUILD" companies, help the founders with his long-time experience and contribute. Alexander Bruehl is highly operational and made over the course of our joined investments in various companies extremely relevant Introductions and management suggestions. He coached the teams, gave valuable feedback to the product development and helped with partner acquisitions. I can highly recommend to work with Alexander Bruehl, both as an Investor and an Advisor. (Berlin, Germany, Jan 2013)

Maks Giordano - Founder, CEO at Kreait

At the Demo Day after having finished the hub:raum Accelerator program, I got the "award" for having signed up to speak to ALL the mentors during the course of the program. Some of them where ok, some of them where bad (yes!) and some truly provided the value that a mentor should offer. Alexander Bruehl was one of them! During the official session, Alexander Bruehl offer direct insight into his world view of SaaS and it turned out to be a crystal clear picture of what can be done and what is better left out. Alexander also provided direct advice which could be turned into action the minute I left the room. In a later session (yes, he took the time after the program as well) Alexander also advised me on our current presentation which was incredibly valuable at the time. For anyone, at any stage of your company building, Alexander Bruehl can provide very honest and arrow sharp feedback. Feedback that makes a difference. Thanks for being such a good contact, Alexander! (Berlin, Germany, Jan 2014)

Marcus Tonndorf - Founder, CEO at HEXLOX

Alexander Brühl is the most brilliant mentor and advisor for SaaS entrepreneurs in Germany. His insights helped me to put our company back on the right growth path and helped me as an entrepreneur to make the right decisions for myself. I 100% trust Alexander, as he is super loyal and living up to the highest standards in integrity. Alexander offers an impressive spectrum of breadth and depth in his advise. Being an entrepreneur by himself and sitting on many chairs in the past - also including VC investor and angel - entrepreneurs can be sure, that Alexander's mentoring is spot-on. (Karlsruhe, Germany, April 2019)

Mirko Holzer - Founder, CEO of BrandMaker

Alexander Bruehl was on my board of directors at Scali. During our time working together, Alexander was always focused on how to help and support me in my task of turning around the company. Alexander's expertise and insight into both operations and capital structure is a rarity, which highlighted his ability to give me the soundest advice. Alexander was a great partner for success; I would thoroughly enjoy working with Alexander Bruehl again. (Boston, USA, Mar 2012)

Jack Kay - CEO, Chairman at Scali Inc.

Alexander Bruehl was a smaller shareholder in Nanda Tech. However, Alexander invested with his own money, experience, connections and time! He was always available to the management team for valuable Q&A, feedback and advice. During troubled times Alexander Bruehl acted as a calming voice of reason. Alexander clearly brought more to the table than "just money"! I'd want Alexander Bruehl to be part of my future endeavors. (Munich, Germany, Dec 2012)

Lars Markwort - Founder, CEO at Nanda Technologies