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The SaaSgarage; SaaS Angel; SaaS Angel Germany; SaaS Expert; SaaSgarage; SaaS Mentoring; SaaS Coaching

Welcome to The SaaSgarage, European SaaS Co-founding, Angel Seed Investing and Mentoring. The SaaSgarage is the cradle of many Leading International SaaS companies like


The SaaSgarage is a collective term for all of my Angel Activities from Co-founding, Mentoring, Coaching and Investing in early stage companies, who deliver software via the internet, i.e. cloud-based, and charge monthly or annual recurring subscription fees, called SaaS, Software as a Service.

Since 2008 there have been a number of, by now, leading  European SaaS companies who took advantage of The SaaSgarage’s unique cooperation model. Jointly with Alexander Bruehl, SaaS Expert, Serial Software Entrepreneur and passioante SaaS company builder, they refined and shaped their business-, execution- and funding strategy, before they’ve hit the road in full speed.

All of this can be put into this

My mission is to deliver true value-add and credible advice and support to SaaS entrepreneurs by leveraging my

  • business competency which I gained from being a software founder and entrepreneur myself for more than 15 years
  • Venture Capital insights collected as Senior Partner in a leading, trans-Atlantic Venture Capital firm
  • SaaS startup learnings gained through my hands-on work with The SaaSgarage portfolio companies from inception to tradesale or IPO as a board member, a SaaS advisor, mentor or coach

and reap the rewards later, alongside with the founders no matter when.

If you want to know why I think I am well suited to deliver the above mission you may want to have a look at my curriculum and references from entrepreneurs and founders who I am working with right now or have worked with in the past.

To better understand what type of companies excite me most you may want to have a look at my active and exited portfolio companies. Click on the logos of companies who interest you most. For most of my portfolio companies I have created a one page summary with lots of useful (mostly public but definitely non confidential) information, which you may not find on one single page at any other online place.

There are many fantastic website out there who all describe SaaS in quite some detail. They provide hints and even execution models about how to build a SaaS company. That is great and highly appreciated and I may refer too those sites here and there. I am a serial entrepreneur myself and I have a passion for starting up businesses. Therefore my focus is less on theories and studies about Software as a Service but on hands-on teamwork with the founders.

SaaSGarageLast but not least let me explain the home page picture which apparently shows no context to the topics of that site. This picture was taken in 2015 on trip from Northern Namibia to Botswana. Our goal was to meet some of the very rare and endangered desert elephants. The only way to see them is not to drive along the beaten paths of renown national parks or game reserves. We decided to take on the challenge, get the right team together, organize all the things we would need in order to have a realistic chance to succeed. We started our venture in Namibia and soon dry, unpredictable riverbeds became our roads for a few days. After all it was a bumpy, dusty, yet indescribably exciting, journey which demanded a lot from the entire team, but we got awarded for the extra miles we had to go.

Does this really have nothing to do with building a startup company with all of ones  passion, will- and staying power? Back in Germany I started to see all the similarities from the right planning, diligent preparation, readiness to go beyond the accustomed way and execution and, after all, the strong will power to succeed. If this resonates with you, we already have a perfect common foundation for a fun and fruitful teamwork relationship.


Latest News

AlfaDocs, Leading Practice Management System Provider, enters German Market

Munich based AlfaDocs, Provider of The Leading Cloud-based (SaaS) Practise Management System For Dentists, to Bring Italian Success Story to Germany.

In Italy, AlfaDocs is already the clear market leader in the area of cloud-based practice management systems (PMS) for dentists. Now the Munich-based startup will also launch in its domestic German market: Starting September 14, patients will be able to book their dental appointments online with AlfaDocs […]

Munich, March 26th, 2019
Seed rounds have become a prevalent step in funding early stage companies. A new pedigree of European VC funds has emerged. They use phrases like”Seed VC”, “Startup VC” in their tag line and invest between €0.5M – €1.5M in a startups’ first institutional funding event. At the same time the established league of Series A, B and C funds have raised the KPI bar for SaaS companies. […]

Contentful Announces $33.5 Million in Series D Funding to Deliver Content Infrastructure for the Modern Technology Stack December 5, 2018 SAN FRANCISCO & BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Contentful, the leading content infrastructure for digital teams, today announced $33.5 million in Series D equity funding. Led by Sapphire Ventures, with participation from OMERS Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and existing backers