The Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups

My name is Alexander Bruehl

I am a software engineer by education, having studied Computer Science in Munich Germany.  I have started two software companies myself before I moved to the other side of the table and became a Venture Capitalist at Atlas Venture (now Accomplice) where I was a Senior Partner and Managing Director of Atlas GmbH, Germany.

I would consider myself a lifetime entrepreneur. This was probably the main reason why I decided to come back to the startup scene as a mentor, coach and passionate, hands-on angel investor, seeking exciting business ideas, credible teams and promising businesses in Software (SaaS, Software as a Service; Cloud Software) and Digital Media.

I support ambitious founders and CEOs managing the usual go-to-market and growth challenges of SaaS companies from positioning, sales modelling, internationalization and proper funding. I commit time and money as part of a fruitful  cooperation.

Below a few more details about my cooperation with founders in short:

My core competencies are

  • starting up a SaaS company
  • defining sales/distribution models (direct, channel, OEM, white label)
  • developing pricing models
  • getting funding from credible people and/or institutional investors

The value I can bring to B2B SaaS startups centres around

  • actively drive and manage the exchange of experiences and findings within my 10+ SaaS companies all across Europe.
  • leverage my own experience as a serial software entrepreneur and help SaaS startups avoiding mistakes hence focusing on proven execution models.
  • help startups through the first 2 – 3 years of early (Seed and Series-A) funding by opening up my deep network into the investment community (Venture Capital, Public Funds, Angel Investors)

My cooperation with founders

  • no cash compensation for any value I (hopefully) add
  • agree on an entrepreneurial compensation package, based on the only currency a startup can afford, i.e. common stock
  • intensive teamwork to, if required, develop a true, purebred SaaS business plan and execution model
  • commit myself to participate in the next financing round
  • support and coach the founders to secure the funds needed to execute the SaaS business plan
  • remain a passionate, committed sparring partner, mentor and coach for the founders for the challenging, yet exciting, years of seeding, growing, maturing and globalizing a business.

My main geographic region

  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Israel
  • India
  • United States

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