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AlfaDocs enters Germany

view original PR here AlfaDocs to bring Italian success story to Germany

By The SaaSgarage, July 19, 2019 

MUNICH — AlfaDocs to launch Proven Practice Management System for German Dentists on September 14, 2019. 

  • Initial version to feature online appointment booking and secure document management
  • Further modules to follow: workflow-automation and patient relationship management
  • Patients spend less time in waiting rooms – reduced workload for practice teams
  • Solution to be extended into other medical segments
  • Fresh capital for German service launch

In Italy, AlfaDocs is already the clear market leader in the area of cloud-based practice management systems (PMS) for dentists. Now the Munich-based startup will also launch in its domestic German market: Starting September 14, patients will be able to book their dental appointments online with AlfaDocs. They can enter their patient data and sign anamnesis forms and other documents in a legally secure manner from the comfort of their own homes. This saves them time in the waiting room and alleviates the workload of participating doctors and their teams.

AlfaDocs’ innovative technology provides patients and dentists with legally binding and  GDPR compliant cloud based document management. All sensitive patient data is encrypted, including anamnesis, educational documents and consent to treatment, as well as data storage. The patient confirms all data entries with an electronic, legally valid signature with just a mouse click. As in Italy, where around 1,500 paying users already work with AlfaDocs software, further modules will be added successively in Germany as well. These include service recording, treatment and cost planning, billing, online payment, workflow automation for redundant processes, analysis tools as well as integrated marketing and modern, service-oriented patient relationship management, right up to a fully-fledged practice management system.

AlfaDocs’ co-founder and managing director Fabian Zolk: “Satisfied patients gladly recommend their practice to others. Our SaaS-platform ensures both optimal patient interaction across the usual communication channels and it also increases the service level. At the same time, we automate routine tasks and allow the practice team more time for other important activities, making the practice much more successful.” In recent years, AlfaDocs has developed numerous far-reaching technologies which, according to Fabian Zolk, “will play a decisive role in also making it a success in  the German market”. The aim is to focus on the patient. The inclusion of patient history guarantees the best possible personalized treatment and brings the relationship between dentist and patient to a completely new level.

At the beginning of 2016, AlfaDocs chose to first launch in Italy due to the complexity of its medical segment and dental practices. Fabian Zolk: “We knew that if this worked out, we would be successful both in our home market of Germany and in other medical segments.”

The start-up investors, including Achim Lederle (Quantum Partners) and Alexander Bruehl (The SaaSgarage), are also convinced of this. The AlfaDocs team is already working on adapting its software platform to general practitioners, also with a view to extending AlfaDocs’s experience in Italy to other medical areas. AlfaDocs already has 40 practices outside dentistry among its satisfied customers in Italy.

About AlfaDocs
AlfaDocs is an entirely completely cloud based practice management system (PMS). Through automated workflows, AlfaDocs’ SaaS platform increases the efficiency of practice procedures, saves time, reduces costs and increases patient satisfaction at the same time. The calendar function automates appointment booking and reduces outages by up to 70 percent. Innovative patient-relationship management (PRM) controls targeted communication across all channels, thus increasing the frequency of appointments per patient and creating a completely new patient experience.
Since 2016, AlfaDocs has been very successfully established in the Italian market. Today, around 1,500 users in dental practices work with the software on a daily basis. The company manages more than half a million patient files on high-security servers. The number of appointments made with online reminders so far amounts to ca. nine million. AlfaDocs works with one of Europe’s most modern data centers. It is ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1 certified and also fully GDPR-compliant.
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Dr. Hans Juergen Croissant
Company Spokesperson

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