The Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups

Geckoboard is the leading real time business dashboard for KPIs and business data. Geckoboard is the easiest way for any business to see all of their key metrics in one elegant real-time dashboard. Hundreds of customers love that Geckoboard automatically collects data from wherever it lives, e.g. Google Analytics, Zendesk, Highrise, Shopify, Foursquare, Chartbeat, Atlassian, Freshbooks. The state-of-the-art API allows to add own data to the dashboard, allowing them to (i) make instant decisions based on access to real-time metrics, (ii) save time by eliminating the repetitive tasks needed to compile and distribute reports and (iii) promote a culture of data and accountability by giving everyone access to metrics.


Jan 2011: I provided Seed Capital and became a private Angel Investor and advisor to the founders