The Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups

Minubo provides a cloud-based, next generation commerce intelligence Software as a Service solution for online businesses. Users finally find the right answers and actions based on a holistic view on their data.

Minubo brings together extensive technical and professional knowledge within its eCommerce analytics cloud. This, in turn, provides all users, especially in the areas of performance marketing, customer lifecycle marketing, shop management and controlling, with the opportunity to make important daily decisions based on real data. That’s how brand companies transform their online businesses into data-driven organizations that have strong and long-lasting growth. Minubo’s commerce intelligence platform allows users to

  • perform smart segmentation driving optimal customer life cycle marketing and most effective customer retention
  • implement proper controlling and full business transparency with more than web tracking data by monitoring business performance in regard to web analysis, customers, sales and overall performance on aggregate and operative levels
  • introduce a powerful shop management solution driving higher conversions and fuller carts
  • create convenient, easy to read, instantaneously created reports for eCommerce executives


Sept 2013: Actively supported the company to raise 1 Mio Euro from an impressive group of investors
Aug 2013: Became a co-founding angel investor in newly established Minubo GmbH
Mar 2013: Started to actively work with the founders towards a significant Seed I financing round to enter the market in Europe and trail USA.
Sept 2012: Met the founders @Next Berlin 2012