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Bao’s leading Conversation Intelligence solution breaks up the sales conversation black box  for revenue-driven leaders. The BAO SaaS platform guides users through conversations in real-time, generates structured data and provides teams and organizations with the neccessary intelligence to continously learn from that data and improve their sales efficiency. 

Being an integral part of any state-of-the-art sales-tech stack, Bao’s AI-enabled solution helps enterprises

  • to identify and consistently apply best practices across organizations and teams
  • to continuously improve their pipeline conversions by having more effective conversations
  • to deeply anchor the VOC (voice of customer) in decision-making processes and
  • to act more customer-centric


Sep 2020: As part of a second closing, Bao secures a 1m Euro Seed II funding, which was co-led by The SaaSgarage earlier thisyear. 
May 2020: The SaaSgarage co-leads a Seed II finaning round, and I became an active business advisor and mentor for the two founders Patrick and Benedikt.  Experienced co-investors include Michael Kofluk, Oliver Markl, Michael Ohr and Michael Simon.
Dec 2019: Initial coaching and mentoring activities by Alexander Bruehl, founder and owner of The SaaSgarage. Closing of a Seed I financing round co-led by Alexander Bruehl, founder of The SaaSgarage and h&z founders Rainer Hoffmann and Thomas Zachau 
Nov 2018: Benedikt Reschberger joins as Co-Founder and head of technology  
Jun 2017: Founded by Patrick Strunkmann-Meister


At a glance

Category: Sales Tech – Conversational Intelligence

Delivery Model: Enterprise Software as a Service (B2B SaaS)

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Bao Solutions GmbH, Munich, Germany

Funding history:

Series Pre-A

July 2021


Business Angels: Rainer Hoffmann, Michael Kofluk, Oliver Markl, Michael Ohr, Mike Simon, Thomas Zachau

Series Seed II

Oct 2020

Business Angels: Michael Kofluk, Oliver Markl, Michael Ohr, Rainer Hoffmann, Mike Simon, Thomas Zachau

Series Seed I

Jan 2020