The Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups

The Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups

Welcome to SaaSgarage,

Cradle of Leading European SaaS Companies

What Is Behind SaaSgarage and its Pre-Seed Angel Fund?

SaaSgarage, the Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups, is the collective term for all of Alexander Bruehl’s Business Angel activities from founding, early financing to professional advising and coaching European seed stage SaaS companies. SaaSgarage was founded because …

founders need a true committment for experience driven advise and coaching, which is complemented with pragmatic early external money
during the first six to nine months after having solidified their idea, funded a company
and developed a MVP, which they can demonstrate to early adopters in their target market.

Over the past thirteen years, SaaSgarage has develop a very unique, success oriented cooperation model, which persuaded more than twenty founders of (by now) well regarded B2B SaaS companies to join forces with SaaSgarage.

Combining its associated Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups with Alexander’s passionate, true value-add advising and mentoring, SaaSgarage can offer founders a very unique, success oriented cooperation model, which appealed more than twenty SaaS companies accross Europe.     

Business Plan

From idea to fundable business ...

First Funding

with swift first external committments ...

Initial Proof

to demonstrate that the business has legs.

first quarter

second quarter

third quarter

fourth quarter

fifth quarter

sixth quarter

In a sole commercial consideration, the greatest business idea is only worth as much as founders can derive and illustrate the economic potential of it. The formula is easy, the …

idea must resonate with the magnitude of business impact.

Since an early market proof is still four to six months out in the future, planning docs must be based on reliable data combined with own analytics and reasonable forecasts. Ideally founders …

benchmark against other SaaS startups.

Via SaaSgarage, Alexander provides his 20+ years of entrepreneurial and Venture Capital experience to all portfolio companies.

Already prior to any cooperation agreement, Alexander works intensively with founders and advises them during a speedy process from idea to swift first money from its Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups.

History has profen, that the smartest business ideas simultaneously develop in many brains around the globe. It is clear that …

time becomes of essence.

A first MVP at best, less than 10k MRR, some promising dialogs with prospects. Those are founder’s few trump cards to play, when asking for first money. No doubt, …

 the first 500k are the hardest to get.

SaaSgarage wants to bridge that gap and provides swift first money via its associated Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups.

With little money at hand, R&D has to turn the MVP into a first stable product. Marketing needs to turn TAE (try and error) pipeline building into a powerful lead generation engine. Sales must turn initial interest into a number of first resilent KPIs. Founders are challenged to …

find out how to square the circle.

Indeed there is neither room for mistakes nor for TAE and it requires lots of startup experience to …

juggle well, and keep all balls in the air.

SaaSgarage has a proofen track record in coaching startups through this critical 180 days execution from setting up scalable structures, procedures and actions to KPI analysis and reprting.  

Which Startups Benefit Most From SaaSgarage?

SaaSgarage believes in true value creation by sharing knwoledge, derived from experience earned from continously repeating the process of starting up companies in the same domain, because …

founders must have access to credible, reliable advise from people “who have done it themselves”, because only those speak the language of business founders and entrepreneurs and only those can credibly share their experience and suggest successful SaaS execution models.

SaaSgarage’s portfolio companies have key business characteristics in common. This creates the ideal breeding ground for next generation SaaS startups, because any experience is of significant interest and value for all other portfolio companies.

To make sure that any company joining the SaaSgarage portfolio can benefit to the same extent as its predecessors, SaaSgarage attempts to work with companies showing the best fit concerning these key criteria. 

Domain Savvy Founders

If you have 5+ years experience in the targeted domain, ...

Cloud Computing Model

are open for modern s/w distribution models like SaaS, ...

Technology Driven Vision

knowing that next-gen SaaS is deep tech like AI et al, ...

International Target

SaaSgarage may be a solid partner for your global startup journey.

25% fit

50% fit

75% fit

100% fit

Founders should have profound knowledge of their target market. This implies that they …

fully understand the industry’s dynamics, challenges and problems,

enabling them to develop software solutions with a true, measurable business impact on, e.g.  revenue increase, customer satisfaction, retention & churn prevention. cost transparency & reduction.      

The rapid adoption of cloud computing infrastructures has paved the way for SaaS, the most efficient and attractive software sales and distribution model ever.  Founders …

do not need to be proven “experts in SaaS”, but they should be keen to brainstorm and strategize with SaaSgarage and its portfolio companies

about the most suitable implementation of SaaS. Key topics would include device-agnostic, multi-tenant product embracing sprint-driven distribution, enterprise sales and long term subscription pricing.  

Latest generation SaaS is expected to embrace maturing cloud computing technologies and services. Enterprises ask for intelligent softare which analyses big data, generates knowledge, produces recommendations and ideally triggers smart actions. Next gen SaaS founders should …

make sure that there is substantial technology know-how within the team

to guarantee the development of latest generation SaaS as described above. 


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