The Pre-Seed Angel Fund for SaaS Startups

repath helps enterprises to enable sustainable growth with its science-based climate resilience SaaS solution.

repath enables

  • early conflict identification
  • realization of savings potentials
  • comparability of advisor projects
  • better negotiations due to transparent communication between the company and its advisors.


October 2022: repath raises its firsth external money from a group of renown German pre-Seed stage investors and business angels.

June 2022: SaaSgarage’s Pre-Seed Angel Fund led a Convertible Loan financing, to be completed in fall 2022.

June 2021: Foundation


At a glance

Category: Climate Risk Assessment, Analytics & Recommendation Platform

Delivery Model: Enterprise Software as a Service (B2B SaaS)

Founded: 2021

Headquarters: repath GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Funding history:

Series Pre-Seed (Convertible II)

Oct 2022

Series Pre-Seed (Convertible I)

Jun 2022