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Softgarden provides next generation recruitment software with everything you need for successful recruitment including an intelligent job placement engine with automatic job posting right out of the recruiting platform.

This novel, leading software-as-a-service solution allows enterprises to

  • place their advertisements directly with Softgarden on suitable Internet recruitment sites
  • administer on-line assessments centrally in Softgarden’s award-winning Applicant Management System
  • collect feed-back from applicants to enhance the corporate brand as an employer
  • to embrace modern multi-channel communication from desktop to any mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

softgarden Successful Recruiting


Sept 18: Softgarden was acquired by Private Equity firm Investcorp.
Sep 15:
The company, in a 2nd closing, completes its Series B financing with additional. 2.4 Mio from ILB, Brandenburg, Germany to a total of 5.4 Million Euro.
May 2015:
The company receives USD 3 Million funding to further grow its business
Mar 2014: The two Award Winning HR companies Softgarden and merged to form the leading “Recruiting as a Service” powerhouse. The newly generated legal entity will operate as softgarden e-recruiting GmbH.
Dec 2013: I became an active investor in the company
Sept 2013: Started to work with the two founders, Dominik Faber and Stefan Schueffler to raise expansion capital for the newly developed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.
Mar 2013: I met Dominik Faber, co-founder, to discuss the opportunity to offer medium size businesses (e.g. SMBs / SMEs, German Mittelstand) an adequate e-Recruiting Software as a Service platform.


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